Client API

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This document explains how to use Tackler API on JVM and JS environments.


Dependency settings for SBT are:

libraryDependencies += "fi.e257" %%% "tackler-api"  % "version-number"

This is released on Maven Central Repository.

API data models

Tackler’s client side api (tackler-api) has data models of reports which can be used on the client side. This api is provided for both JVM and JS environments via ScalaJS.

Tackler API data models:


Client API provides JSON decoding via Circe:

val balReport: Either.RightProjection[DecodingFailure, BalanceReport] =[BalanceReport].right

There are tests utilizing de-serializing in core → test → report → ReportApiTest

Transaction Filters

There is an option to filter transactions based on attributes of single transaction. See Transaction Filters for general information about these filters.

Transaction filters data model is defined in api → TxnFilter, and it is available for JVM and JS environments. See Transaction Filters document for full list of available filters.

There are several examples of how to define complex transaction filters in the test suite: core → tests → filter