Plaintext accounting with GIS

Tackler supports geographic location with accounting journal and it can use transaction GIS data for generating accounting reports.

See Transaction Geo Location for how to store geographic location with accounting transactions, and Transaction Geo Filters how to select transactions based on that information. Together these two features make it possible to do accounting and reporting based on area and place.

Use cases for GIS data with plaintext accounting

Tackler supports also real timestamps and not just dates with transaction data. Combining GIS data and timestamps with accounting transactions creates all kind of new possibilities for plaintext accounting. It could be travel journals, tracking outdoor activities, to account farming related information or record forestry data.

There is no need to account only monetary things, so possibilities are pretty much endless what to do with GIS data and plaintext accounting.

Travel journal example

See Travel Journal with Geo Location example how to utilize plaintext accounting with geographic location data and reports.