Tackler supports journals on plain filesystem and on git repository.

Tackler can use journal from single file or journal could be split into multiple different files. There are options to configure directory setup from where tackler will scan journal files.

See Transaction data sharding for information of possible ways to shard transaction data, and Journal Format for description of journal syntax.

Tackler accepts over 130 different languages, script and sign unicode blocks as valid account and commodity names, see Character Set document for detailed information about valid character sets.

Git storage

Tackler has native, integrated support for Git. This means that journal data is read directly from git and for that reason all Git’s reference notations are supported: branches, tags, symbolic version selectors and plain commit ids.

This also means that State of Journal is extremely well defined and reported when Git storage is used. There won’t be any fuzz if working copy was in clean state or not, because used journal is always in committed state. Tackler also includes used commit id into reports.

For full details and examples, see Git Storage Manual and Accounting Auditing,

Filesystem storage

Journal is read directly from filesystem storage as plain file or set of files, when filesystem storage is used. See Installation Manual for further info.