Journal Format Version v1

Journal Format Version v1

This document is about deprecated version of journal format.
See Journal Format for information about current format.

Journal format version v1 is supported by Tackler versions:

  • Version v1 and v2

v0.5 …​ v0.23
  • Version v1 only

Backward incompatible Journal Format Changes between v1 and v2
Transaction description

in v2, description must start with ' -prefix

Transaction code

in v2, code can not contain ' ( ) [ ] { } < > characters

Transaction metadata (uuid)

in v2, metadata must start by # character with space

Journal Format Version v1 features deprecated by v2

Version v1 Journal entry Comments

Transaction code

DATE [ ( code ) ]

Optional transaction code
Any character except ) was accepted.

Transaction description

DATE [CODE] [description]

Optional transaction description
Description was all whitespace trimmed text, until newline at the end of line.

Account names


Account and sub-account names begun with a UTF-8 letter. Sub-accounts starting with numbers or all numerical accounts were not allowed.

Transaction metadata

 ;:uuid: 6a8bf2f2-443a-41cc-94b2-f49d785f9614

Transaction metadata
Metadata entry (uuid) started with ;: