Simplicity is prerequisite for reliability
as reliability is for integrity
when integrity is the essence of trust.


All tackler’s features must be tested, and overell test coverage should be almost perfect. Tackler is tested with functional and logical test sets to ensure that all logical code paths are covered.

At the moment, Tackler test coverage is better than 99.7%.

Tackler has 99 tracked features. For those 99 features, tackler has over 500 test cases, tackler-cli is executed over 160 times by test setup, and results are verified by over 400 reference reports.


Accounting Journal with size of one hundred thousand (1E5) transactions is used with integration tests (see: TacklerTxnsGitTest) and tackler is stress and performance tested with up to one million (1E6) transactions test sets. On laptop, tackler can process over 30 000 txn/s. See Performance Overview for details or test it yourself.

Tackler Test Tracking Database

Tackler Test Tracking Database (T3DB) tracks features and tests for those features. T3DB is used to ensure that all features and error paths for those features are tested, that test setup has as little as possible of overlapping tests and prevent duplicate test cases.

T3DB also provides reverse mapping from a test case back to the feature, which is validated by that test case.