Balance report

Balance report is sum of selected accounts and sub-accounts.


First (the leftmost) sum is sum of postings which are directly debiting or crediting that account (account tree node). If there are no such transactions, then this first sum is zero.

Second sum is recursive balance sum for that account tree (account and all its sub-accounts).

The sum reported under line is balance delta, e.g. value difference of reported accounts.

Balance delta is based and calculated only by values reported on the first column.

Balance report configuration

See tackler.conf and reports.balance.* for full information of balance report configuration options.

Account selectors

By default all accounts are included into balance report, but that’s not very interesting balance report because balance over all accounts will be zero always.

Balance report accounts can be selected by Accounts Selectors. This can be done either by using global reporting.accounts (conf+cli) option or by using report specific reports.balance.accounts setting (conf-only). If report specific account selector is defined in configuration, it can not be overridden from command line.

Balance delta is based and calculated only by values reported on the first column. This means that if sub-account is not listed by balance report, it will not be part of balance calculations.

If Accounts Selector is used balance report, please be make sure that all intended accounts and especially sub-accounts are listed for report.

For example: select only top-level "Assets" and all its sub-accounts: "Assets(:.*)?"

Compare following two reports:

--reporting.accounts "e1(:.*)?"
                 1.00    6.00  e1
                 2.00    5.00  e1:e2
                 3.00    3.00  e1:e2:e3
--reporting.accounts "e1"
                 1.00    6.00  e1

Example report

Below are links to example balance reports with full auditing metadata.

Example output of balance report

                 1.00    333.00  a
                 0.00    332.00  a:a1
                 0.00    332.00  a:a1:a2
                27.40    327.40  a:a1:a2:b
               300.00    300.00  a:a1:a2:b:c
                 4.60      4.60  a:a1:a2:c
                 0.00   -333.00  e
              -322.00   -322.00  e:e0101
                -2.00     -2.00  e:e0102
                -9.00     -9.00  e:e0103

Example report with commodities

Below is example balance report with mixed commodities.

                 0.00           3.00 ACME  Assets
                 3.00           3.00 ACME  Assets:Stocks
                 0.00        -359.75 EUR   Assets
              -359.75        -359.75 EUR   Assets:Cash
                 3.00 ACME
              -359.75 EUR