Backward incompatible Journal Format Changes between version v1 and v2
Transaction description

in v2, description must start with ' -prefix

Transaction code

in v2, code can not contain ' ( ) [ ] { } < > characters

Transaction metadata (uuid)

in v2, metadata must start by # character with space

Tackler v0.24.0 has Phase 1 support for new Journal Format Version v2. This means that it will accept both old deprecated version v1 and new version v2 of journal format. All exports (Equity and Identity) are in new format.

Support for old Journal Format Version v1 will be dropped in future release of Tackler.

Below are examples of transaction entries which are valid with Journal Format Version v2.

2019-03-03 (#123)
  Expenses:Ice·cream  2

2019-03-04 'Ice cream 'n soda!
  Expenses:Ice·cream  2
  Expenses:Soda  2

2019-03-05 (#125) 'It was 125th ice cream
  # uuid: 9b212495-0c48-4991-a52c-e6684487bd8d
  Expenses:Ice·cream  2

See Journal format for full reference, and TEP-1009: Txn Header Syntax for background and motivation of this change.