New features and changes in this release:

There is new versioning scheme (YY.MM.PATCH) for Tackler CLI, where YY and MM are release year and month. Also tackler-core and tackler-api has been released as versions 1.0.0.

Other changes in this release:

  • Tackler requires at least Java 11 to run

  • Upgrade JGit to 6.4.0

  • Deprecations

    • Drop support for Scala 2.12

    • Drop support for Java 8



Full Changelog

For full changelog, see CHANGELOG in tackler’s repository.

Signature & SHA-256

fb387c75ad6b295f22aaa087fa91595e5f0cea79b850a8ad347c2d239d68b785  tackler-cli-22.12.0.jar