Can you trust your accounting?

Use plain text records for rock solid accounting

Tackler is built on simplicity, reliability and integrity

Integrated support for Version Control with JGit

  • Distributed journal and accounting setup
  • Good support for data integrity and availability
  • Accounting audit trail is included into reports
  • Integrated Git-support, journal is read directly from repository
    • Always clean and well defined state of journal for reports
    • Branches, tags, symbolic refs, commit ids – all are supported
For full details and examples, see → Git Storage Guide.

Get up and running in seconds.

Quick-start Instructions

# Download tackler-cli-0.35.0.jar or build it.

~ $ mkdir -p tackler/txns; cd tackler

~/tackler $ cp /path/to/tackler-cli-0.35.0.jar .

~/tackler $ cat > txns/journal.txn << EOF

2018-05-01 'It was warm, sunny day
  Expenses:Ice_cream  2

~/tackler $ java -jar ./tackler-cli-0.35.0.jar --accounts.strict=false

                 0.00   -2.00  Assets
                -2.00   -2.00  Assets:Cash
                 0.00    2.00  Expenses
                 2.00    2.00  Expenses:Ice_cream