Register report

Register report is report with running total of transactions for selected accounts.


On the left side of report, first column is posting amount for account on that transaction.

Second column on the left side is running total of that account for selected transactions.

Transaction ordering

By Tackler’s design constraints input order of transactions is not important, and it does not mandate transactions processing order.

Transactions are sorted by using transaction’s properties in following order to find correct sort order.

timestamp, code, description, uuid

Tackler supports timestamps up to nanosecond resolution, so timestamp could be used to produce stable natural sorting order if transaction producers have syncronized time available and nanosecond resolution is sufficient.

If all available transactions properties used for ordering are same between several transaction, then transaction ordering is undefined.

Transactions must have UUIDs, if fully deterministic, stable and "distributed transaction producers"-safe transaction ordering is needed.

Currently register report prints each transaction’s time with date resolution, but actual value of timestamp is used for determining sort order.

In future there will be an option to select desired output time resolution for register report.

Register report configuration

See tackler.conf and reports.register.* for full information of register report configuration options.

Account filtering

Accounts for Register report can be filtered with global reporting.accounts (conf+cli) or report specific reports.register.accounts setting (conf-only).

If there are no accounts matched with selected regexs with some transaction, then that transaction is not is not printed / outputted at all.

Example reports

Register report with location data:

Below are links to example register reports:

Example output of register report

2017-01-01Z 'y 01
            a:b                                           20.00              20.00
            e:e0101                                      -20.00             -20.00
2017-01-01Z 'z 01
            a:b                                            1.00              21.00
            e:e0101                                       -1.00             -21.00
2017-01-01Z 'x 01
            a:b:c                                        300.00             300.00
            e:e0101                                     -300.00            -321.00
2017-01-02Z '02
            a:b                                            2.00              23.00
            e:e0102                                       -2.00              -2.00
2017-01-03Z (#001) '03
            a:b                                            2.10              25.10
            e:e0103                                       -2.10              -2.10
2017-01-03Z (#002) '03
            a:c                                            2.20               2.20
            e:e0103                                       -2.20              -4.30
2017-01-03Z (#003) '03
            a:b                                            2.30              27.40
            e:e0103                                       -2.30              -6.60
2017-01-03Z (#004) '03
            a:c                                            2.40               4.60
            e:e0103                                       -2.40              -9.00